Customized Fondant Cake
Customized design tier cakes are available for birthdays, baby showers and ROM.

Price: depends on cake size and complexity of design.
Cake Flavour : chocolate cake with chocolate ganache or vanilla cake with buttercream
Please send an email to
to place an order or to enquire for more details.

Regular size (2 inch)
Minimum order quantity : 8
Price: S$4 to S$10 depending on complexity of design
Additional Charge :
  • S$0.50 for individually-wrapped with clear plastic wrapper
  • S$1.00 for round plastic container (single cupcake)
  • S$20 for cupcakes placed on a decorated cake board (up to maximum of 30 cupcakes per board)
  • S$2.00 for gift box with cupcake inserts (8 cupcakes)
  • S$3.00 for gift box with cupcake inserts (12 cupcakes)
Cupcake Flavours :
  • vanilla
  • chocolate


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